5 NO PREP Activities for your Social Skills Group

All of the fun with none of the prep!

Kids don’t care about how cute your worksheets or bulletin boards are. They want to move and laugh. Here’s 5 activities that target different social skills and require no material preparation.

1. Charades 

What? Kids take turns acting out different actions in front of their peers. You can have them or choose or just whisper an action for them to do. 

Why? Works on attention skills, interpreting non verbal cues, communicating through body language.

2. Would You Rather?

What? Ask your students (or have them ask each other) questions that have them choose between 2 things. Mix up silly with semi-serious. For example, "Would you rather live in space or under the sea?" or "Would you rather have great grades or great friends?" 

Why? Excellent way for peers to get to know each other and sparks lot of good natured banter.

3. 2 Truths & a Lie

What? Students think of two true things and one false thing about themselves. Can also call it 2 Truths and a Wish.

Why? Kids learn about each other as well as practice reading facial expressions as they call others' bluffs on which one the lie is.

4. Never Have I Ever

What?  Give your students scenarios to see if they have ever done or experienced certain things. For example, "Never have I ever stayed all night playing video games."

Why? Learn surprising and funny things about each other.

5. Silent Ball 

What? Ok you do need one physical item for this one. Students sit in a circle and throw the ball to each other but are not allowed to say a word to each other. 

Why? Kids increase their ability to read non verbal cues, have to pay attention to and read the cues of the one who has the ball.

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