Reimbursement Email Template

Dear (Your admin's name), 

I'd like to continue my professional growth and help my students develop the critical social learning skills they need to form positive, meaningful, peer relationships. To do this, I'd like to take the course, "Social Skills Groups for 21st Century Kids," an online professional development training course for $297.

More than ever, we need to lead with prioritizing Social Learning. When our students develop solid social skills, behavior problems decrease, academic success increases and the school community as whole wins. This training is not just theories of student learning. Instead, it offers researched backed, actionable methods that I can immediately use with my students.
After taking this course I can train my team in how to use best practices in setting up and running creative, evidence based, Social Skills Groups.

Please let me know if I can be provided reimbursement for this opportunity.
(Your name)