3 Valentine's Day Social Skills Activities

Here are three interactive Social Skills activities for Valentine's Day that focus on friendship and improving social communication skills.

1. Find the heart- Hot or Cold Game

the prep for this game is cutting out hearts from construction paper, writing each kiddo’s name on it and then taping a valentine’s day treat on the other side. To play, have one child close their eyes or leave the room momentarily. Another child hides the heart around the room. The rest of the kids look to see where it is hidden. The original child opens their eyes and then has to look for it. The rest of the kids indicate hot or cold (or as my group shouted, “burning hot lava!!”) until the heart is found. The student sees who’s name is on the heart (make sure it’s not their own) and gives it to the peer while saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

2.Valentine’s Day Guessing Game! 

Students take turns trying to have the rest of their class or team guess the word on the card without saying any forbidden words. I love this game as they have to stop and think to figure out how best to communicate in a way their peers will understand. I specifically only put words that students understand and are positive associations with friendship and Valentine's Day.

Find My Heart Match! 

In this game, I cut up various foam hearts in a puzzle shape so that each foam heart only had one match. Then I hid them all around the room. Each student was told to find 2 halves and then find who had their match! Once they find their match, they give each other a high 5!


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