Social Skills Groups
for 21st Century Kids

Design a creative social learning program that's data driven and heart centered.

You wholeheartedly believe all children can and deserve to succeed.
But the skills to achieve success today have changed.

Teaching the "soft skills" is more important than ever in today's fast paced, dynamic and nuanced social environments.

But it's frustrating when our students don't transfer these social skills outside of the classroom.  Especially after pouring so much time and energy into teaching them.  

Our students all have differing abilities. It can be exhausting and time consuming trying to piecemeal a social learning curriculum together on the fly. How can we make sure that we are teaching the right social skills, in a way that kids will enjoy and retain when there is no one size fits all curriculum?

Social Skills for 21st Century Kids was made to help you create your own highly engaging, evidence based, social learning program that will teach your students the skills that most serve them in today's world.

The skills our kids most need to be happy, confident and valued community members are the ones that teach them to be adaptable, open minded and socially aware.  

We know and love our students.  We, as educators, see them socially interact across a variety of peers and contexts. That makes us uniquely suited to help them build a foundation of healthy social skills they will carry into their future.

Is this course for me?

Does seeing your students make meaningful social connections light you up?  This course is perfect for enthusiastic educators such as: 

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Behaviorists
  • Speech & Language Pathologists
  • School Counselors

What will I learn?

  • How to teach Social Skills for generalization
  • How to think more creatively
  • How to incorporate evidence based strategies
  • How to write Social Goals

What's included?


Stages of Socialization 

Learn the stages and types of play, Social & Emotional Learning and Executive Functioning Skills.


Expanding Social Play

Learn different ways to expand the repertoire of reluctant social learners.


Group Structure

How to structure your group to get the most out of your time with your students.


Social Skills are Life Skills

What are the skills that are most necessary for the 21st century? Why is it so important that our students learn social skills?



We go over different types of assessments to determine which specific skills to teach our students.


Developing Social IEP Goals

Learn how to write social goals that are clear and practical for your students.


Using Evidence Based Strategies

Use researched backed strategies ensures that your students will receive the most effective intervention.  


Keeping Student Interest

Make sure your students are learning in a way that they enjoy so they remember and generalize their skills.



Organize your activities so you can easily access them when needed.



Checking in with your students and other stakeholders. Assessing your group to determine if it's working.


Peer Mentors & Resources

Consider the use of peer mentors. 
Download 2 printable resources you can use in your group tomorrow.


Diana Cortese, former Special Education Teacher and BCBA, will take you through all the modules and respond to all questions posted inside the community forum within the course.

Although you can modify these concepts to any age group, this course is a best fit for students in the age range of Kindergarten through early Middle School.

Post questions and comments in the community inside the course or reach out to Diana anytime during the course via email ( 

The course is all yours for 3 months after the initial purchase.

Yes!  If you find after accessing the first module it's not for you, you will  receive a full refund.  Guaranteed!

All the information in this course is for educational purposes only. 

Tier 1
Do it Yourself


  • 3 month unlimited access to on-demand videos of the course
  • Accompanying workbook to help apply  concepts and strategies
  • Questions answered inside the course community 

Tier 2
Let's do it togetheR


  • All the perks of Tier 1 
  • 6, 45 minute 1:1 online consultation calls with Diana
  • 10 additional lesson plans

Tier 3
Done for you


  • All of the perks of Tier 1 & 2
  • Half day staff training
  • 40 weekly lesson plans specifically tailored to your school/students
  • Customized data sheets
This Course is Risk Free!
Your happiness and satisfaction is the highest priority!
If you don't think the course will work for you after accessing the fist module, email for a full refund.