Gamify Cooperation!

Let's be real. Kids (nor you!) want to do anything just because it's "important" or "good for you."

The core of every positive, reciprocal friendship is composed of the discrete skills of communicating with and listening to the other person. 

We know our students' need to get lots and lots of practice with these skills. 

But how do we get them to engage with their peers in a natural way? A way in which we don't need to rely on external rewards or incentives?

Gamily it, of course!

Set up activities for the kids to see that when they cooperate, they directly benefit from it. They will accomplish the task, win the game, make the tower taller or more get the picture 😉. This reduces the need to rely on external rewards or incentives and increases the value of the activity itself.

One of my favorite ways to do this in my Social Skills group is this Cooperative Cup Stacking Game. All you need are some plastic cups, an elastic band and some yarn.

The mission the kids need to fulfill is to be able to put all the cups in one stack without anyone using their hands. 

I love it because it ONLY works if everyone work together! 

If you'd like written instructions, click here!

If you're looking for guidance on how to create your own social skills groups, Social Skills Groups for 21st Century Kids will get you there!



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